Sightsee Like Never Before: These Go-Karts Are A Must In Tokyo

Heart pounding. Eyes on the finish line. Countdown: 3, 2–watch out for that shell! Well, maybe not quite, but it’s the closest you will get to Mario Kart in real life and easily the coolest way to experience the streets of Tokyo.Navigate the city and visit some of its most popular sites in this hugely popular update to sightseeing. MariCAR offers multiple paths and guided tours, allowing visitors a different experience each time. There’s even a course through Rainbow Bridge (though it’s not as treacherous as the game version). Let your hair down and your cape fly: drivers have the choice of wardrobe from their favorite characters from Mario himself to Superman. Along the way, there are plenty of chances to snap that perfect picture or even get one taken of you by cheerful pedestrians.This immersive experience encourages drivers to let loose their inner child as they discover the city through a thrilling new way. See you at the finish line!