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David Bowie 在全球巡迴數年的展覽「David Bowie Is」,終於在Sony Music與英國 V&A 博物館以及著名音頻設備品牌 Sennheiser聯手下,推出搭載 AR 技術的 APP!

出生於1947年的 David Bowie,號稱搖滾界的「變色龍」,他的作品(尤其是在1970年代的音樂探索),對整個樂團有著開創性的作用,以獨特的聲線、作品深度和折衷主義精神聞名,絕對是20世紀偉大的音樂家之一。


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BOWIE’S 45-YEAR-OLD NYE RECORD BREAKER “A trumpet you can blow, And a lunch at Rules…” We close our 45th anniversary celebrations of 1973 with a look at a New Year’s Eve RCA Records luncheon at the Rules restaurant in London’s Covent Garden, to mark Bowie’s extraordinary performance on the UK album charts. With the publication of the ‘The Bowie five-star constellation’ advert in September, it was clear that RCA were more than happy with the way things were going. Here’s the wording from that advert: “The Bowie five-star constellation Unbelievable but a fact – David Bowie takes five places in the Top Fifty album charts for ten whole weeks – a musical achievement unique in our time. And now, the man who made Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars and Aladdin Sane is putting a new album into orbit. It’s called PIN-UPS and will be released in mid-October.” Things got even crazier with the release of Pin Ups on October 19th. The album entered the chart at #1 on November 3rd. Here are the positions taken from that week’s chart: #01 Pin Ups – #14 Aladdin Sane – #16 Hunky Dory – #22 Ziggy Stardust – #46 The Man Who Sold The World – #50 Space Oddity That week, the man who released his debut RCA album just two years previously, had six albums in the Top Fifty. As far as we are aware, that’s a feat that hasn’t been equalled by a living artist since. At one point, Bowie also had five albums in the Top Fifty for nineteen consecutive weeks. The plaque in the framed album presentation was inscribed: “Awarded to David Bowie for outstanding musical achievements. From your friends at RCA.“ At the luncheon, David apparently rose from the head of a long table in an upstairs room to thank everyone: “I don’t know what to say, I feel like a rock ‘n’ roll star. At least it keeps the kids on the streets. Thanks to everyone who bought or were given the albums.” They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Here’s to the brilliance of David Bowie and an exciting 2019. FOOTNOTE: Rules was also the venue for the festive photo of David on the cover of the December 1969 Fabulous 208 mag. #BowieCoolYule #BowieOCC

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2016年1月10日,網路上哀鴻遍野,當代最偉大音樂人之一的 David Bowie 去世,並在去世前留下了最後一首作品〈Blackstar〉,音樂中對應去世的時間,更是讓樂迷心痛不已。


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David Bowie ‘Blackstar’ It can now be confirmed that ‘Blackstar’ is the forthcoming single and album from David Bowie. Contrary to inaccurate reporting on the sound and content of the album, only the following can be confirmed: The single will be released on November 20th and is not part of David’s theatre piece ‘Lazarus’. The album will be released on David’s birthday, January 8th 2016. ____________________________________ #davidbowie #davidbowielove #davidbowieis #davidbowieforever #davidbowieart #davidbowierip #davidbowiefan #davidbowietribute #davidbowieisgod #davidbowielove #davidbowiefanpage #davidbowiesmoking #davidbowietattoo #davidbowie_official #davidbowieisforever #davidbowiefans #davidbowieday #davidbowie⚡ #davidbowiestyle #davidbowiequote #davidbowiemural #davidbowieexhibition #davidbowiemakeup #davidbowieiseverywhere #davidbowie⚡️ #davidbowievinyl #davidbowiemagazine #davidbowiecover #davidbowieblackstar #davidbowieisbae ⚡️

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而在 Sony Music 的努力下,各位粉絲終於可以再度體驗 David Bowie 的風光!Sony Music 聯手英國 V&A 博物館以及著名音頻設備品牌 Sennheiser,將 David Bowie 在全球巡迴數年的展覽「David Bowie Is」推出搭載 AR 技術的 APP,按照不同主題分類,陳列 David Bowie 生前400多個舞台服裝、手繪草圖、親筆歌詞、生活筆記、藝術創作等,以及數十項從未公開的檔案。


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DAVID BOWIE Is… . Todo dia é dia, mas no mês em que completaria 72 anos de idade, David Bowie teve sua vida e obra mais uma vez celebradas. A gente tá dizendo isso porque foi lançado no último dia (8), um novo aplicativo dedicado a desvendar as muitas faces do artista – a propósito em realidade aumentada. David Bowie ganha agora um app de realidade aumentada com mais de 400 itens. David Bowie Is é uma adaptação da exposição homônima, que percorreu o mundo levando detalhes sobre a vida do artista, suas músicas, roupas, manuscritos, desenhos e fotografias. A novidade faz parte de uma parceria entre o Arquivo David Bowie e a Sony Music Entertainment Japão. O estúdio nova-yorkino Planeta foi o responsável pelo desenho e programação do app. As versões podem ser baixadas através do Google Play (R$ 32,99) ou da App Store (R$ 29,90). ? https://davidbowieisreal.com/ (DavidBowie.com) Para oportunidades de #Licensing com a marca Bowie™️, fale com nosso time. ⚡️ #davidbowieis #davidbowie #bowieforever #epicrights #epicrightsverticallicensing #davidbowieverticallicensing #verticallicensing #branding #licensingbrasil

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並邀請 David Bowie 生前好友 Gary Oldman 講解介紹,甚至能看到《Diamond Dogs》的電影片段,讓各位樂迷在Ziggy Stardust和 Thin White Duke 的世界裡找回偶像的一切。

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